Published On: August 21st, 2023

As we start to shake off the cold winter mornings, it’s time to get ready for a sustainable Spring this year! The warmer weather is calling for growth, colour and life in our natural ecosystems, which is where we come in.

Do you want to contribute to a more sustainable Spring season while sprinkling your gifts and gardens with gorgeous flowers? Look no further than flower seed bombs.

Flowers are the trademark of Springtime, attracting ever-important pollinating insects and contributing to biodiversity in our ecosystems. Many of our pollinating species are rapidly declining because of climate change, disease, habitat destruction and pesticides. Flower seed bombs are a creative and simple way to repurpose paper waste to create small pods of seeds that will grow and flourish indoors or outdoors. They make fantastic small gifts or an exciting weekend activity.

Simply gather your wastepaper, whether it be junk mail, shopping bags, tissue paper or packaging. Shred the paper into small pieces, add water to a bowl and saturate the paper. Leave it to soak into a thick sludge over around 30 minutes. Strain the pulp until firm and add a sprinkle of seeds of your choice (see some of my favourite native wildflowers below). Mix the seeds through the paper pulp until evenly
dispersed. Finally, use cookie cutters or your hands to shape the pulp before leaving on a tray to fully dry for 1-2 days.

Consider gifting your flower seed bomb or planting it in your very own garden. Once covered with compost or soil and watered thoroughly, your seed bomb should show signs of life within 2-3 weeks!

However, our journey with flowers doesn’t end here. There are so many incredible ways we can use the growth in our garden as an eco-friendly resource – particularly flowers. Lavender can be used in natural home-made soap. Chamomile is beloved for its use in tea as well as body lotions and soaps. Pressed flowers and foliage can make spectacular cards and artworks.

This Spring, embrace the sunshine and be sustainable!