An opportunity for local government councils to acquire comprehensive litter data.


Keep Australia Beautiful NSW is now offering Local Government Areas (LGAs) a new service, the Local Government Litter Index (LGLI), which provides the opportunity to acquire comprehensive litter data for their respective councils. Delivered by qualified and trained staff, the LGLI is based on the KAB National Litter Index (NLI) with a range of new benefits and features.

The KAB NLI was developed in 2005 as a common means of measuring litter trends across Australia both by number of items and by volume. The data has traditionally only been reported back to State Governments and audit site details have never been revealed to protect the integrity of the state reports.

KAB has now re-designed the NLI specifically for LGAs and the new features will provide them with detailed litter data, brand data and audit site clean-ups to enable them to make more informed decisions in their communities.


The LGLI can be used by LGA’s to:

  • Develop strategies and policies around litter.
  • Analyse the effects of infrastructure placement.
  • Develop site or area specific budgets and plans.
  • Measure the effect of local education campaigns.
  • Engage with local businesses to offer ideas and resources around waste reform.
  • Engage, educate and inform residents to reduce litter and waste.
  • Create long-lasting behavioural change.

For more information and to register your interest for the LGLI – send us an email.