Save the Platypus with Perrie the Platypicker

August 2024


We are on a mission to protect the endangered and beloved platypus, who is under threat from several environmental issues, one of these being tangled in litter and discarded fishing line. During the month of August – National Platypus Month – we, along with our friends at Helping Hand Environmental will provide you and your students with the tools to conduct your own litter and platypus lessons, as well as a campus-wide clean-up for Keep Australia Beautiful Week in August 2024!


We will send you all the resources you need to get started, including:

  • A comprehensive activity pack, targeted at Early Stage 1, Stage 1, and Stage 2 (but Stage 3 are still welcome to participate).
  • A litter picking kit, lent to your school and complete with 30 litter pickers by Helping Hand Environmental and other accessories to share around any participating classes.
During the month of August (National Platypus Month): use these resources to run a lesson about litter and the platypus with your students.
During Keep Australia Beautiful Week (5th-11th August, Term 3, Week 3): run a litter clean-up event at your school! It can be as big, or small as you like.

Submit your school’s findings and photos, and prepare your litter picking kit for us to pick up. If you want to keep your litter picking kit, you can:

  • Purchase your kit for long-term use.
  • Have your students design their own litter pickers using our template, and submit them by Friday 30th August for a chance to win your kit to keep! The winning design will also be turned into a real litter picker, and awarded to the class or individual who designed it!

It is completely free for your school to participate in the program! Only the first 45 schools to register will be eligible, so be quick!

Please note: Registrations close on 19th July 2024.
The program is only available to schools in Metro areas of NSW.

Not sure if you qualify? Get in touch by emailing