Clearing the Path: Effective litter abatement and disposal strategies

28 & 29 August 2024
Pavilion, Regents Park (Sydney)

The Program Committee is now inviting submissions for presentations addressing a number of key topics, outlined below. Other topics may be considered at the committee’s discretion.

  • Community Engagement and Education Initiatives: Successful community-based initiatives, educational programs, and awareness campaigns that have effectively reduced littering and illegal dumping in different regions.
  • Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Practices: The role of business and industry in reducing waste generation, promoting recycling, and adopting sustainable packaging practices.
  • Enforcement Strategies and Collaboration: Strategies for effective enforcement of anti-littering and illegal dumping, including partnerships between law enforcement agencies, local governments, and community organisations.
  • Legal Framework and Policies: Existing regulations and policies at local, regional, and national levels aimed at combating littering and illegal dumping. What are the gaps and opportunities for improvement?
  • Incentive Programs and Economic Solutions: The effectiveness of incentive programs such as deposit-refund systems, economic incentives for recycling, and penalties for illegal dumping.
  • Technological Solutions and Innovation: Innovative technologies such as smart waste management systems, cameras and drones, and data analytics for tracking and managing litter and illegal dumping hotspots.
  • International Perspectives and Case Studies: Experiences and best practices from different countries and regions in tackling littering and illegal dumping, referencing cultural differences and common challenges.
  • Behavioural Psychology and Public Outreach: Explore behavioural insights and psychology behind littering behaviour and effective communication strategies for promoting responsible waste disposal habits.
  • Impact on Public Health and Social Equity: The impact of litter and illegal dumping on marginalised communities and strategies for promoting environmental justice and public health equity.
  • Partnerships with Schools and Youth Organisations: The importance of involving youth in anti-littering efforts, promoting environmental stewardship, and integrating environmental education into school curricula.
  • Future Trends and Emerging Issues: Emerging trends such as the impact of e-commerce packaging on littering, e-cigarettes and vapes, the rise of biodegradable/compostable materials, and the potential of circular economy principles to mitigate waste generation.

Submissions close 22 May 2024


All Abstracts must be submitted online. If you are unable to submit using the online form, please contact the conference organisers for further information (phone Emma McVie on 0404 517 058 or email events@kabnsw.org.au). Receipt of abstracts will be acknowledged by email within 2 working days.

The following information will be required for your submission:

  • Presenter and Co-Presenter contact details, title and organisation
  • Presenter and Co-Presenter Biographies (we recommend no more than 80 words per biography)
  • Presenter and Co-Presenter Photograph (optional)
  • Presentation Title
  • 50-word Presentation Synopsis
  • Abstract (Up to 400 words of text)

Due to the large number of submissions received each year, a review committee will carefully consider submissions of abstracts and posters. Where possible the committee will place your presentation into a session, however it may not be possible to accommodate every submission. The review committee also reserves the right to suggest amendments to improve the suitability of presentations prior to acceptance.


All accepted presentations will be published in the KAB NSW 2024 Congress Proceedings.


All submitting authors will be asked to confirm the following statements:

  1. I confirm that each co-author, if any, has been informed of this submission and has agreed to all the information provided by me.
  2. I consent to publication of all or part of the abstract in materials relating to the conference, including but not limited to the program, advertising, social media and email promotions.
  3. I confirm that this abstract is original work and as the principal author, I am responsible for the accuracy of the abstract.
  4. I understand that the invitation to submit an abstract does not constitute an offer by KAB NSW or the conference sponsors to pay travel, accommodation or registration costs associated with the event.
  5. I understand that no fee will be paid for a presentation. If my abstract is accepted, I agree to register for the Forum by no later than 12 July 2024 and will pay a discounted registration fee in recognition of my contribution. I understand that failure to register by the due date may result in my presentation being withdrawn from the program.


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