Since 1994 the Tidy Cities Awards have been acknowledging and celebrating metropolitan Councils, organisations, and communities who are making our cities more sustainable and liveable.

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Award Categories

Award Categories

We have curated the categories for 2023 to reflect the most important social, economic and environmental issues for all councils, organisations & communities across NSW’s metropolitan areas.

NSW Tidy City Award 2023

The prestigious NSW Tidy City Award is awarded to the Council that has demonstrated outstanding achievements in multiple areas of environmental sustainability and social inclusion.

Sustainability in Business Award

The Sustainability in Business Award is for organisations that have implemented new practices and processes that improve the future sustainability of their operations.

Biodiversity Conservation Award

Recognising outstanding achievements by an organisation in regenerating, conserving, or advancing scientific understanding of biodiversity

Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation Award

Celebrating leadership and innovation in strengthening resilience to the impacts of climate change, reducing emissions, or sequestering carbon from the atmosphere

Litter Prevention Award

Sponsored by the NSW EPA

Awarding projects or programs that reduce or prevent litter. For 2023, the LPA will be split into two sub-categories: Clean Communities (for land based projects), and Clean Waterways (for marine based projects)

Circular Economy Award

Sponsored by the NSW EPA

Awarding innovation and excellence in product stewardship, product design, resource recovery, and strategic systems operations and planning.

Resource Recovery & Waste Minimisation Award

Awarding innovation in addressing local waste problems through effective educational communication campaigns and outstanding operational design and planning.

Heritage, Culture & Community Spirit Award

Celebrating programs or projects that restore or protect Aboriginal and contemporary heritage sites and build on the regions culture.

Communications & Engagement Award

Celebrating programs that inspire environmental action by creating accessible, inclusive, educational and motivational communication and education campaigns.

Liveable City Award

Celebrating communities that successfully demonstrate strong community spirit and inclusion in the face of ongoing challenges.

Local Legend Award

Celebrating individuals who demonstrate outstanding commitment to their environment and show exemplary leadership in pursuing environmental outcomes.

Future Category Suggestions

If you want to see a new category in future please reach out to us with your ideas.

Past Winners

The Sustainable Cities Awards were created to, firstly, celebrate the amazing achievements of councils, community groups, organisations, and individuals, and secondly, to provide a medium through which we can all apply learnings, feedback, and ideas to current or future projects.

You can view project/program descriptions of the previous winners below to help you with your future sustainability endeavours.