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Welcome to the Keep Australia Beautiful NSW Awards

Share your amazing sustainability stories and programs and receive valuable recognition by entering the 2023 Tidy Towns or Sustainable Cities Awards.

Tidy Towns

Since 1981, the Tidy Towns Program has been rewarding and recognising projects around environmental sustainability in towns both large and small across the breadth of NSW.

Winning the Tidy Towns Award has become a much sought-after honour and is highly contested by small and large towns alike.

To be called a Tidy Town is a badge of honour, a reflection of a community focused on striving for sustainable excellence. It is about the people and the relationships developed by community, schools, Councils and business to create an environmental, social and economically sustainable community. It is about the love people have for their town and the pride they have for showcasing it to others. Tidy Towns is the way towards developing a great town – it is bloody brilliant.

Ian Judd, Scone Tidy Towns Committee

Sustainable Cities

The Sustainable Cities Awards inspire councils, businesses and communities to make a genuine and lasting contribution to their area to make our metropolitan areas more livable and sustainable.

Why Enter?

Celebrating our transition to a more sustainable future and learning from each other as we go.

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Our judges volunteer their expertise in various areas of environmental sustainability.

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Interested in supporting NSW’s longest running environmental awards program?

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