Published On: February 27th, 2023

The much-anticipated announcement of the Keep Australia Beautiful NSW 2022 Sustainable Communities Tidy Towns Award Winners is being held this weekend 3rd – 5th of March 2023 after an unfortunate delay due the November floods, which postponed the Awards from being hosted in Singleton last year.

Now the event is back in full swing, ready to run across three days this weekend, from 3rd – 5th of March with the winners to be announced on Saturday the 4th.

The category awards will be presented over two events, the morning session, hosted at the Singleton Diggers, from 10am and 12pm, and then the remaining categories, including the acclaimed 2022 Overall Tidy Towns Winner, will be announced over an evening of celebrations at the Singleton Civic Centre from 7pm.

These iconic awards are all about celebrating the projects developed by community groups, businesses, councils, and individuals that prioritise and continually strive for sustainability. Of course, this includes all the things that first come to mind when you think of sustainability, like reducing litter, minimising waste, encouraging recycling, switching to renewables, and promoting waste-less lifestyles, which are undeniably important.

But the projects that are truly sustainable go a few steps further and practice sustainability by promoting heritage, culture, biodiversity, and diversity. Projects that engage and collaborate with individuals, community groups, schools, business, industry, and local government are harnessing something special, something that unites us and motivates us to push through those barriers. Of course, we are talking about community spirit!

Keep Australia Beautiful NSW is proud to recognise the rural, regional, and coastal towns and villages across NSW who have contributed and taken part in the Sustainable Communities Tidy Towns Award Program. The Tidy Towns Awards Program helps bring these passionate, forward-thinking communities together, showing appreciation for their sustainable initiatives and ongoing efforts.

Awards will be given to those who have demonstrated exceptional environmental and social results by incorporating the principles of sustainability through innovative project design, inclusive and collaborative planning, and commitment to their cause despite the obstacles that may arise.

The Tidy Towns 2021 winner, Singleton, has the privilege of hosting the Awards Event this weekend.

“It was an honour to be named NSW Sustainable Communities Tidy Town 2021 – the community pride is infectious.” Says Lyn MacBain, Chairperson, Singleton Tidy Towns Committee and Tidy Towns 2021 winner.

“Bringing home, numerous Awards for our community confirms the benefits of partnerships with Community, Organisations, Council and Business and when you have willing hearts and hands anything and everything is a possibility.

We look forward to hosting the 2022 Presentation Weekend on the first weekend in March and hope it will be a reunion of sorts as we have hosted previously. We would love NSW Tidy Towners past, present and perhaps future to visit us in our purple cloaked town and villages when we take the opportunity to exchange information, showcase our wonderful community and its diverse treasures in the Heart of the Hunter, the Jewel of the State and where the Spirit of the Nation resides. Where else would you want to be on the first weekend in March?”

“When community groups celebrate achievements together, we all become winners.” Val Southam, Chief Executive Officer said.

“The 2022 Tidy Towns Program has highlighted some exciting trends, and one thing we have observed is that schools and students are competing across multiple categories and scoring exceptionally well. Their projects are comparative to those run by adults which goes to show the strength and passion of our young Australians around environmental issues and sustainability.”

The Tidy Towns winner will have the honour of hosting the next Tidy Towns Awards in 2023 and become the NSW representative at the National Keep Australia Beautiful Awards Event to be held in King Island, Tasmania in May this year.

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