///Sustainable Communities – Tidy Towns Awards Levels
Sustainable Communities – Tidy Towns Awards Levels2019-02-11T13:22:06+11:00

Sustainable Communities – Tidy Towns Awards Levels

The Sustainable Communities – Tidy Towns Awards Program incorporates several levels of awards, category awards, overall town awards by population and the the Overall Sustainable Communities – Tidy Towns Award.

Previous participants have advised us of numerous social, environmental and economic benefits of entering into the program:

  • Increased community pride, morale, spirit; and physical, mental & social well-being;
  • Social interaction & co-operation between community members, groups and partners;
  • Improved natural environment and restoration of wildlife habitats;
  • Strengthening of current partnerships or initiation of new ones between community members and groups, councils and businesses;
  • Potential for increased tourism and amenities for the local community;
  • Reduction of waste, graffiti prevention, and enhanced management of waste services;
  • Permanent recognition for winners and valuable feedback on award submissions;
  • Public awareness of environmental education issues;
  • Networking opportunities between industry, government, and environmental leaders and experts;
  • Introduction and/or recognition of sustainability initiatives;
  • Recognition of good governance in local government;
  • Opportunities to showcase and celebrate the innovative work, expertise, and vision of your organisation or project;
  • Increased valuable media exposure for your local area and community projects;
  • Learning about other sustainability projects within NSW and sharing ideas with key stakeholders;
  • Creating excitement and motivation for communities by recognising their efforts in sustainability or other environmental initiatives and programs.
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